"I think that Select Magazine is a great resource!"
Jerry Swanson
Minnesota, USA

"I took part in the Lifestyle Showcase and a company contacted me for their next project."
Marthanna Yater
North Carolina, USA

"I took part in one of Select's Showcase Mailers and managed to get an agent from L.A from it!"
Owen Smith
London, UK

"Select is great. I discovered the publication in the late-90s while browsing at a newspaper shop in NYC, and shortly after started advertising my B&W work (and some colour) in multiple page ads. Calls have come in from different cities in the US and Internationally... ad agencies, design firms and magazines. The reproduction is wonderful, and the publishers of Select (both then and now) are true lovers of photography - and good design. I know that the creative world respects Select, and not just because of the photography. The editorial themes and comprehensive world destination content are insightful and enjoyable to read. I've used it to get a sense of cities that I was soon travelling to, like Istanbul, Paris, or Venice. Together, the photos and writing in Select have brought me to many places, and inspired me to try to get to at least some of them in person."
Judah S. Harris
New York

"Select has always been a production I am happy to be associated with. The quality and reproduction is outstanding and it provides me with the necessary worldwide advertising I need to keep ahead of my competitors."
Paul Webster

"Select is seen by the people in the industry that matter most. Davies and Starr is consistently at the top of its game due to our specialist marketing campaigns. Advertising with Select is always one of our leading choices."
Chalkie White - Davies & Starr
New York