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Welcome to the Select Photographic Agent & Production Showcase Mailer
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Claxton Represents

Lutz Hegenbarth

Lizard Management + Production

McDermott Management Inc

Trunk Archive

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Utopia The Agency

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Select Photographic Showcase - Agents and Distributors Showcase

Welcome to our Agents + Production Showcase.

Behind the scenes of the photographer is an array of people making it happen. Agents and Producers are as important as the camera itself and make sure each production runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact these experts and see for yourself.

Claxton Represents is a carefully curated collection of artists poised to cover the full range of visual needs

Claxton Represents

Artist Agent - Chicago, USA

Claxton Represents is a carefully curated collection of artists poised to cover the full range of visual needs.

Image-makers, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, printmakers, directors, storytellers, world travelers, explorers, adventurers and collaborators.... handpicked to offer the finest creative solutions for our clients, we are quite simply: Awesome.

Sarah Claxton’s versatile background from both sides of the client/creative process has given her the skills to anticipate a project’s needs before they present themselves. Always a conscientious collaborator, she has an impeccable sense of diplomacy and delights in the very process of things, understanding that the magic is in the details. View Select Portfolio
Lutzhegen barth

Lutz Hegenbarth

Production Management – Berlin, Germany

International production service is about trust and networking. Knowing the right people for the job, whereever it’s needed.

During the last two decades we have been producing still photography jobs all over the globe, not only in the regular places. During the last 2 years we have been shooting in US, Russia, India, Brazil, North and South Africa, China, Arabia and most of Europe for international brands. View Select Portfolio
Lizard Management and Production

Lizard Management + Production

Photo Agent - NSW, Australia

Lizard Management and Production has been in operation for 10 years and as well as representing many talented artists, we are a well known and highly respected production agency. Over the years we have produced a wide range of shoots including, advertising, fashion, corporate and editorial.

From casting, catering and logistics to hiring film crews, retouch and everything in between, we ensure that every element of your shoot is taken care of.

All you need to do is show up.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Fabrizio Lipari, Ben Cole, Luc Remond, Dieu Tan, Emma Phillips, Peter Brew-Bevan, Ben Dearnley, Tim Hixson and Ali Mitton. View Select Portfolio
McDermott Management is a boutique creative agency working with artists and clients around the world

McDermott Management, Inc

Photo + Illustration Agency – Portland, USA

McDermott Management is a boutique creative agency working with artists and clients around the world. Our roster of photographers and illustrators varies from documentary to high fashion with a variety of projects constantly in the works. We offer full service production needs for any assignment including casting, location scouting and all other requests. Our goal here is simple - to produce results that make everyone happy.

NY, LA, Portland, Europe. Alternative artists upon request. View Select Portfolio
  Truck Archive - Photographic Agent

Trunk Archive

Image Licensing - New York, USA

Trunk Archive is a full service licensing agency representing the most engaging and sought after image makers. Providing a unique, intelligent and forward-thinking alternative to the traditional resources for existing imagery, the agency also serves as a creative partner by offering complimentary image research and visual strategy consultation.

With an extensive international network and partnerships across the entertainment, publishing and fashion industries, Trunk Archive is uniquely positioned to offer clients unprecedented access and comprehensive support in all aspects of content distribution and licensing.

The archive contains hundreds of thousands of images covering fashion, celebrity, beauty, lifestyle, still life, design, architecture and travel. Thousands of new images are added to the archive each week as the agency continues its mission to make extraordinary and previously unseen art available to clients. View Select Portfolio
Utopia The Agency

utopia The Agency

Agency - New York, USA

For more than 15 years, utopia has represented some of the finest talent in the areas of photography, hair, make-up and styling. With a full-time staff producer, we also provide end-to-end production.

Our core philosophy has always been to balance the two components of a successful career in this industry, namely editorial and advertising. Besides working with advertising and catalog clients, every person represented by Utopia also actively shoots for top National and International magazines.

utopia is also unique in that we maintain a high talent-to-agent ratio. utopia has and will always be a boutique agency focused on providing talent and clients with the highest level of attention possible. This means more agents and more production support on both sides of the equation.

Our belief is that it's never a bad time for a good idea.